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1.ffmpeg-docDocumentation of the FFmpeg API
2.libaom-docAV1 Video Codec Library -- Documentation
3.libx265-docH.265/HEVC video stream encoder (documentation)
4.mythtv-docPersonal video recorder application (documentation)
5.vapoursynth-docframeserver for the 21st century - documentation
1.mythgameEmulator & PC Game frontend module for MythTV
1.mytharchiveCreate and burn DVD's from MythTV - binary file
2.mytharchive-dataCreate and burn DVD's from MythTV - data files
3.mythbrowserSmall web browser module for MythTV
4.mythgalleryImage gallery/slideshow add-on module for MythTV
5.mythmusicMusic add-on module for MythTV
6.mythnetvisionPlugin for watching internet content
7.mythnetvision-dataPlugin for watching internet content
8.mythnewsRSS feed news reader module for MythTV
9.mythpluginsWrapper package for MythTV plugins
10.mythtvPersonal video recorder application (client and server)
11.mythtv-backendPersonal video recorder application (server)
12.mythtv-commonPersonal video recorder application (common data)
13.mythtv-databasePersonal video recorder application (database)
14.mythtv-frontendPersonal video recorder application (client)
15.mythtv-transcodeUtilities used for transcoding MythTV tasks
16.mythweatherWeather add-on module for MythTV
17.mythzoneminderSystem for monitoring cctv cameras
18.php-mythtvPHP Bindings for MythTV
19.x264Video encoder for the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC standard
20.x265video encoder for the H.265/HEV standard
1.kodi-eventclients-devKodi Media Center (Event Client Dev package)
2.libaom-devAV1 Video Codec Library -- Development Files
3.libavcodec-devLibrary to encode decode multimedia streams - devel files
4.libavdevice-devFFmpeg library for handling input and output devices - development files
5.libavfilter-devDevelopment files for libavfilter
6.libavformat-devDevelopment files for libavformat
7.libavresample-devFFmpeg compatibility library for resampling - development files
8.libavutil-devFFmpeg avutil devel files - devel files
9.libdsm-devSMB protocol client implementation in C (development files)
10.libdvdcss-devSimple foundation for reading DVDs - devel files
11.libfdk-aac-devDevelopment files for libfdk-aac1.
12.libffms2-devDevelopment files for libffms2
13.liblivemedia-devmultimedia RTSP streaming library
14.libmyth-devCommon library code for MythTV and add-on modules (development)
15.libnfs-devNFS client library (development files)
16.libopenh264-devH.264 encoder/decoder from Cisco - development files
17.libp8-platform-devPlatform support library -- development files
18.libplacebo-devGPU-accelerated video/image rendering primitives (development files)
19.libpostproc-devpostproc devel files
20.libswresample-devFFmpeg library for audio resampling, rematrixing etc. - development files
21.libswscale-devFFmpeg library for image scaling and various conversions - development files
22.libvlc-devdevelopment files for libvlc
23.libvlccore-devdevelopment files for libvlccore
24.libw2xc-devdevelopment files for image super-resolution for anime-style art
25.libx264-devDevelopment files for libx264
26.libx265-devdevelopment files for libx265
27.libxvidcore-devHigh quality ISO MPEG4 codec library - development files
28.libzimg-devdevelopment files for the zimg library
29.nv-codec-headersFFmpeg version of headers for Nvidias codec APIs
1.libaom0AV1 Video Codec Library
2.libavcodec57Library to encode decode multimedia streams - runtime files
3.libavdevice57FFmpeg library for handling input and output devices - runtime files
4.libavfilter6FFmpeg filter library
5.libavformat57FFmpeg file format library
6.libavresample3FFmpeg compatibility library for resampling - runtime files
7.libavutil55FFmpeg avutil library - runtime files
8.libbasicusageenvironment1multimedia RTSP streaming library (BasicUsageEnvironment class)
9.libdsm3SMB protocol client implementation in C
10.libdvdcss2Simple foundation for reading DVDs - runtime libraries
11.libfdk-aac1Fraunhofer FDK AAC codec library.
12.libffms2-4Cross platform ffmpeg wrapper library
13.libgroupsock8multimedia RTSP streaming library (network interfaces and sockets)
14.liblivemedia65multimedia RTSP streaming library
15.libmyth-29Common library code for MythTV and add-on modules (runtime)
16.libmythavcodec57libavcodec package for MythTV
17.libmythavdevice57libavdevice package for MythTV
18.libmythavfilter6libavfilter package for MythTV
19.libmythavformat57libavformat package for MythTV
20.libmythavutil55libavutil package for MythTV
21.libmythpostproc54libpostproc package for MythTV
22.libmythswresample2swresample package for MythTV
23.libmythswscale4libswscale package for MythTV
24.libnfs8NFS client library (shared library)
25.libopenh264-4H.264 encoder/decoder from Cisco - shared library
26.libp8-platform2Platform support library
27.libplacebo2GPU-accelerated video/image rendering primitives (shared library)
28.libpostproc54postproc shared libraries
29.libswresample2FFmpeg library for audio resampling, rematrixing etc. - runtime files
30.libswscale4FFmpeg library for image scaling and various conversions - runtime files
31.libusageenvironment3multimedia RTSP streaming library (UsageEnvironment classes)
32.libvlc5multimedia player and streamer library
33.libvlccore9base library for VLC and its modules
34.libw2xc0image super-resolution for anime-style art library
35.libx264-157x264 video coding library
36.libx265-165x265 video coding library
37.libxvidcore4High quality ISO MPEG4 codec library
38.libzimg2scaling, colorspace conversion and dithering library
1.vlc-l10nTranslations for VLC
1.livemedia-utilsmultimedia RTSP streaming tools
1.libmythtv-perlPersonal video recorder application (common data)
1.python-mysqldbPython interface to MySQL
2.python-mythtvPersonal video recorder application (common data)
3.python3-mysqldbPython interface to MySQL
1.aac-encFraunhofer FDK AAC Codec Library - frontend binary
2.icecast2Ogg Vorbis and MP3 streaming media server
3.vmpkVirtual MIDI Piano Keyboard
1.mythffmpegSpecial ffmpeg version for nuvexport
1.aom-toolsAV1 Video Codec Library -- Tools
2.avidemux-commonFree video editor (Internationalization files)
3.ffmpegaudio/video encoder, streaming server & audio/video file converter
4.ffmsindexCommand line tool to create ffms2 index files
5.handbrakeVersatile DVD ripper and video transcoder
6.kodiKodi Media Center (full metapackage)
7.kodi-dataKodi Media Center (arch-independent data package)
8.kodi-eventclients-commonKodi Media Center (Event Client Common package)
9.kodi-eventclients-ps3Kodi Media Center (Event Client PS3 package)
10.kodi-standaloneKodi Media Center (standalone program)
11.libvlc-bintools for VLC's base library
12.tvheadendTV streaming server and recorder
13.tvheadend-dataTV streaming server and recorder
14.vapoursynth-ffms2Vapoursynth plugin
15.vapoursynth-waifu2x-modelsModel files for the waifu2x VapourSynth plugin.
16.vlcmultimedia player and streamer
17.vlc-binbinaries from VLC
18.vlc-dataCommon data for VLC
19.vlc-noxtransitional dummy package
20.vlc-plugin-access-extramultimedia player and streamer (extra access plugins)
21.vlc-plugin-basemultimedia player and streamer (base plugins)
22.vlc-plugin-fluidsynthFluidSynth plugin for VLC
23.vlc-plugin-jackJack audio plugins for VLC
24.vlc-plugin-notifyLibNotify plugin for VLC
25.vlc-plugin-qtmultimedia player and streamer (Qt plugin)
26.vlc-plugin-sambaSamba plugin for VLC
27.vlc-plugin-skins2multimedia player and streamer (Skins2 plugin)
28.vlc-plugin-svgSVG plugin for VLC
29.vlc-plugin-video-outputmultimedia player and streamer (video output plugins)
30.vlc-plugin-video-splittermultimedia player and streamer (video splitter plugins)
31.vlc-plugin-visualizationmultimedia player and streamer (visualization plugins)
32.vlc-plugin-zvbitransitional dummy package
1.mythwebWeb frontend to control MythTV through a web browser of videos from YouTube and other sites