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Details for faac (1:1.28-dmo3+deb8u1) - i386 - Oldstable/Jessie

AAC audio encoder.

FAAC currently supports MPEG-4 LTP, MAIN and LOW COMPLEXITY object types
and MAIN and LOW MPEG-2 object types. It also supports multichannel and
gapless encoding.

Section: sound
Priority: optional
Filename: pool/main/f/faac/faac_1.28-dmo3+deb8u1_i386.deb
Size: 15506
MD5sum: 0d7f176e7580b178958ec6c0ce58eaf7
SHA1: 4e9b9dbfc435a7acec105fac9e98679371394c25
SHA256: 2d8fbca0e78c92b2ede2190f73186cec860bc16642223581f04676b22983994f

Priority: optional
Build-Date: 20 September 2016

   - libc6 (>= 2.7).
   - libfaac0.
   - libmp4v2-2.

Installed-Size: 66 KB

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