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- Oldstable-backports/Wheezy-backports

1.afpfs-ngClient for the Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) (transitional package).
2.ffmpeg-docDocumentation of the FFmpeg API.
3.libmythtv-perlPersonal video recorder application (common data)
4.libmythtv-perlPersonal video recorder application (common data)
5.mytharchive-dataCreate and burn DVD's from MythTV - data files
6.mytharchive-dataCreate and burn DVD's from MythTV - data files
7.mythnetvision-dataPlugin for watching internet content
8.mythnetvision-dataPlugin for watching internet content
9.mythpluginsWrapper package for MythTV plugins
10.mythpluginsWrapper package for MythTV plugins
11.mythtvPersonal video recorder application (client and server)
12.mythtvPersonal video recorder application (client and server)
13.mythtv-commonPersonal video recorder application (common data)
14.mythtv-commonPersonal video recorder application (common data)
15.mythtv-databasePersonal video recorder application (database)
16.mythtv-databasePersonal video recorder application (database)
17.mythtv-docPersonal video recorder application (documentation)
18.mythtv-docPersonal video recorder application (documentation)
19.mythtv-perlDummy package to install libmythtv-perl
20.mythtv-perlDummy package to install libmythtv-perl
21.mythwebWeb frontend to control MythTV through a web browser.
22.php-mythtvPHP Bindings for MythTV
23.php-mythtvPHP Bindings for MythTV
24.python-mythtvPersonal video recorder application (common data)
25.python-mythtvPersonal video recorder application (common data)
26.xbmcXBMC Media Center (full metapackage)
27.xbmc-dataXBMC Media Center (arch-independent data package)
28.xbmc-eventclients-commonXBMC Media Center (Event Client Common package)
29.xbmc-eventclients-devXBMC Media Center (Event Client Dev package)
30.xbmc-eventclients-j2meXBMC Media Center (Event Client J2ME package)
31.xbmc-eventclients-ps3XBMC Media Center (Event Client PS3 package)
32.xbmc-skin-confluenceXBMC Media Center (Confluence skin)
33.xbmc-standaloneXBMC Media Center (standalone program)