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Details for libmbedtls-dev (2.16.9-0.0~bpo9+1) - armhf - Oldstable-backports/Stretch-backports

lightweight crypto and SSL/TLS library - development files

Multi-Arch: same

Description-md5: 40f9a71b90e23ccf34a190093807138a
Section: libdevel
Priority: optional
Filename: pool/main/m/mbedtls-dmo/libmbedtls-dev_2.16.9-0.0~bpo9+1_armhf.deb
Size: 489688
MD5sum: 8ad60da279506a464fb361a47b848758
SHA256: 7c52cc699bcb0de6fa7f50dc34ab404cefa8e54b90a17104dfc306638e12b7f3

Section: libdevel
Priority: optional
Build-Date: 27 December 2020

   - libmbedcrypto3 (= 2.16.9-0.0~bpo9+1).
   - libmbedtls12 (= 2.16.9-0.0~bpo9+1).
   - libmbedx509-0 (= 2.16.9-0.0~bpo9+1).
   - libmbedtls-doc.

Source: mbedtls-dmo
Installed-Size: 2 MB

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